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Friday, August 28, 2009


Due to the after effects of the economic downturn,

I lost my job this morning. My boss is closing her personal chef business.

All the Best to you, Lori. You did what you could, for as long as you could. You are a professional who did everything right, and by the book, putting your tremendous energy and creativity into every day. I was proud to be your first employee after you flew solo for five years, and it was great fun while it lasted.
ETA: Lori had two businesses. She also owns a cat sitting business, and will continue running that.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I just couldn't go without letting you know one more important thing.

While I was away in Portland, my boss at Great Capers Cooking LLC was in a car accident and her kitchen has been idle. She is ok, but has cuts and bruises and whiplash. We have not been able to go to the Wednesday market in Troy and are not sure how soon we will be able to return.

Please send Lori some good thoughts and well wishes, so she may recuperate quickly and return to her usual self! If you leave comments here, I'll be sure to pass them along to her. Thank you so much.

turns out

It has been brought to my attention that I have not blogged here in a long while. Some of you are getting worried about me. Fear not! This blog is still alive and well, however I took a long time blogging about Sock Summit '09 on my other blog, http://www.periwinklesheep.blogspot.com/

Thanks for going over there. I started the Periwinkle Sheep blog to keep track of my dyeing, designing, and knitting adventures....the more professional side of this knitter.

This blog will still feature my knitting, the kind I do for friends and family.

Or the kind that I receive!

To tell this story right, I have to go back to where Tall Son goes to college and finds a beautiful, bright, sweet, young woman and asks her out.

When he goes to visit her family (who live in the same city as where he goes to college) at Easter, I send along a skein of my sock yarn, because it turns out that his girlfriend's mom is a knitter.

Then it comes to pass that his girlfriend visits us over the 4th of July weekend. Bearing a gift from her mother to me: a beautiful handknit scarf

combining my sock yarn with one of her yarns.

In a pattern, it turns out, that is is actually one of my most favorite fancy-but-not, lace patterns.

Last night, Tina and I spoke on the phone. I am to go see her this Saturday at the yarn shop in Rochester, NY, where she works full time (!), with some of my sock yarn (!), where they will take a look at my colors, and may order some of it (!).
Meanwhile, Tall Son's girlfriend is knitting her first sock with some yarn she took a liking to while she was here, and which I gladly gave her with a set of needles.
This may just be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and more than one heart will break if those two kids ever decide to end their relationship :0 . Not only are the women knitters and spinners, they also speak German and the grandparents are originally from Bavaria, like me. My mind is boggled with the similarities every time I ponder them.
So. While we are truly away for a few days (the cat and neighbors minding the house), do take time to stop over at the Periwinkle Sheep blog, if you need to catch up.
I will not be bringing my laptop with me this time, but will cherish all your comments upon my return!