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Thursday, June 25, 2009

sew skilled

During the last couple of years, I've developed a sincere love for small hand made items that are not knitted. If you know me in person, you'll realize that I would hardly ever put a colorful print on myself. But I love cheerful fabrics in small doses, and if they come in the form of knitting accessories, so much the better. If I can find something either locally made, or on etsy, I go for it.

Last fall, I bought a box bag by JessaLu, who is also a friend of mine. It was my virgin etsy purchase. :)

I love this bag because I can carry it around by the handle, with a sock project inside. It holds all of my stitch markers, tape measure, the needle gauge, you know, all those little gadgety things that float around in your knitting bag. I can put the bag in my knitting basket, but mostly it just sits out because it looks so good ;)

The inside is lined and the bag stands up on its own really well.

Now here's the point where once again I need to apologize for my poor photography skillz - my camera was at the complete wrong settings while to took all these pictures.
Anyway. The other day it was time for me to send myself a little present. It arrived on Monday.

I am going on a pretty big trip in about a month from now, and of course I am trying to think about my knitting project and what needles I'll bring and how I will transport it all. Hehe. I'm going to the Sock Summit, of course I'm bringing a sock project, but I'll be with about 270 other vendors who have gorgeous yarn for sale and what if I get some and have to swatch it right then and there?!
OK back to my package. It contained this:

to hold this airline approved (fabulous for the traveling knitter: row counter, tape measure, folding scissors, thread cutter, stitch markers, point protectors) all in one kit -

-- a circular needle case

-- a straight needle case

Everything is lightweight, super well made, and totally beautiful.

Monday, June 22, 2009

s*** hits the fan

I had a nice litte post almost ready to go about some etsy goodies I got.

You all know I'm dyeing a truckload of yarn for the Sock Summit.

After what happened, I need a whole lot more of this:

I'll have to ask you to go to the other blog, since that covers my "professional life". Thank you for obliging me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

welcome to my garden

Ten days ago, seemingly all the flowers in my yard were blooming at the same time. We've had a series of gray days with lots of rain, so it's kind of nice to look at these and be cheered.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


My mother always says,"You never finish anything!"
Well. First of all, I did finally give birth to BOTH of my children at the time so I did finish the two pregnancies.
And, my kitchen is finally done being painted, though dear husband may have had something to do with that, also.

In addition, when I have a concussion and am forced to sit down for longer than half an hour, and being on the computer gives me a headache, then I finish other things, too!

Like this baby sweater, for example.

The intended wearer is now going on 6 weeks, and it's the middle of June and who knows if he wants to wear a little wooly sweater, but I did finish. Maybe there is a resident teddy bear in the house that needs a cardigan. I AM sending this out tomorrow!

It weighs all of two ounces including the buttons, after a wash and block.
The yarn is Brown Sheep's Nature Spun Sport, knitted on size 4 /3.5 mm needles, after this pattern.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

take a look!

There, I did it. Two blogs. Read one, read both, leave comments, leave comments!

The new Periwinkle Sheep blog is up. Are you up for it?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

blog re-birth

I am going to re-name my blog very soon. Don't tell me I didn't warn ya.

Since I am selling my yarn under the business name "The Periwinkle Sheep", I still have a website (though it's under construction right now), and it's generally time for the good ol' sheep name to be resurrected, this blog will soon be found under the name "The Periwinkle Sheep". Which used to be the name of my yarn shop. Good times were had by all at that shop, it was the basis, the foundation, the start of my professional fiber obsession, so here goes: long live "The Periwinkle Sheep!"

PS: thank you for all your well wishes. Turns out I also had whiplash. My trusty chiropractor is on it. I fell like I am beginning to turn a corner.

Monday, June 8, 2009

i'm a blockhead

On Friday, I was finally going to put the finishing touches on my kitchen, which I had been painting. I hoisted myself up onto the top step of the ladder with elan, in a fairly tight spot, and suddenly it was my head vs. the door jamb.


Dear Husband later insisted on the ER, where they did a CT scan and pronounced it normal.

Which I feel very far from.

Mostly I feel very stupid, for taking up room in the ER where there were little and big people who really needed help. Whereas I should have just looked where I was going.

It has taken me three days to form this post in my head, my mind feels so numb. And if anyone could explain to me why my ears hurt? (I hit the top of my head.) The doctor who saw me didn't seem to pay that any mind.

I am dyeing some yarn today simply because I HAVE to, but after lunch I'll be hitting the couch. Slowly and carefully.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

testing, 1-2-3

The Sock Summit is exactly two months away, and the dyeing will be in full swing starting next week. (First I need to finish painting my kitchen, but that's a whole 'nother story!)

I have about 30 colors that are going to be my staple for now, and then there are a bazillion pretties in between that are going to be part of an amazing, full rainbow of color by the time I am done. 600 skeins is the goal, and I am hoping for more if I can squeeze in some extra.

There will be photos up soon on a website, and to that end have been taking pictures.
That part is not going so well. I have a Canon Powershot A630, which has served me well, but seems to have been discontinued. If there is anyone out there that can give me some helpful hints and tips as to the best way to photograph yarn and get the color right, I'd appreciate it a lot!

Here are five examples; the original background was a white pillowcase. Most of them came out OK, but I have a lot of trouble with blues/purples/greens.

'Strawberries and Cream'

no idea, I can't tell the color. I think it's 'fresh lavender'.


'Roasted Eggplant'

'Spilled Wine'
Just so you're prepared, there will not be much else going on here during the next two months, other than getting ready for "the greatest sock show on earth"!