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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the mittens that wouldn't quit

I made these mittens last winter. They are made from a handcarded and handspun (not by me) single skein of yarn, 50% mohair and 50% wool. I had gotten the yarn at Cummington, at the Massachussetts Sheep and Wool Fest, the year before. Your eyes are not deceiving you, the colors are pretty true in the picture. If you look at the mitten on the right, it merges from purples into a gold hue at the tip. Then the thumb of that one is gold-ish, too. Then I made the other mitten, which is almost entirely gold.
The crazy thing about these mittens is that I had lost them last winter and could not find them for about three days. Then one day as I was making my way to work on foot, as I did for about 4 years, in rain, shine, or snow, I found my mittens in the intersection near my house. They had been run over by cars, salted, flattened, melted, re-frozen. I carefully carried them into the house like an injured animal and left them on a paper grocery bag (since I still had to get to work!)
That night, I hand washed them about seven times, laid them out to dry, and they were PERFECT. Well, now that I look at them in the picture, one of them looks to be a little longer. But still!
Today, I was making snowpeople with my DD, with those mittens on. They refused to absorb moisture. While my hands did get cold after a while, those mittens held up beautifully.
I love my mittens...

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Kristine said...

What an adventure those mittens must have had! I have a picture book in my brain now...