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Sunday, April 15, 2007

the week in pictures

Since I started to record the weather, I might as well add this picture. It's Sunday, April 15th, and we're having yet another storm. Rain just turned into sleet into snow.

Here's some color for you. I finished the STR "Bleeding Hearts" this week. Size 1 needles, 60 sts.

I also made these toddler socks for A4A. Size 8 needles, 32 sts.
Both pairs are part of the 52 pair plunge KAL.

Next, I finished this cardi for the little guy next door. I started it a while back, found it again and put a second sleeve and the button band on Friday night and Saturday. Somehow, I am actually keeping up with housework too.

I had been trying to make the little guy next door a sweater out of some teal artyarns merino, but I didn't like how the pattern worked out or how the colors were pooling. So THAT one is going to the frogpond to be turned into something else. Instead, I rather like how this one turned out. It's hand dyed (not by moi..) rambouillet and it bled a lot when I washed it, but I put a big splash of vinegar in the final rinse. I think that took care of it. Thank goodness the parents of the little guy next door aren't averse to hand washing things.

Last but not least, I finally officially learned how to make thrummed mittens yesterday. Please pardon the lousy picture. There just isn't good light anywhere today.

Yes I know that my technique needs tweaking! But I can't wait to experiment with this.


AlisonH said...

Trade you some of that Real Weather for some fake Californian wannabe stuff. For awhile, anyway.

melanie said...

Aren't the mittens cool? I latched on to them because they are a way for me to use the sheep's fleece without excessive processing and spinning (not too good at that just yet). I dyed my fleece (another adventure) but am going to start a second pair soon with natural thrums for the DH....