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Friday, June 1, 2007


Don't be shocked, but that's me in that picture, on the right in the turquoise T-shirt. It was blazin' hot and I don't know how Diane was wearing a Morehouse Merino scarf and still look so cool.

Next up is Margo Lynn, someone I met through the cyber family. We met in person once before, at Rhinebeck, and this time we said, "Maybe we'll run into each other in Northampton, we'll see how thick the crowd is." She sat exactly 2 seats away from me.
Margo Lynn is a most prolific Knitter for Others. I don't think there's a single charity she hasn't knitted for!

This snapshot is of a lovely young woman, Jessica, who I met the day of the talk. She is handing out buttons for her website ravelry.com which will go live soon. It's one of the greatest ideas ever. You have to trust me on this one.

The guy in the picture is Diane's husband who just started to knit!
And this is Allison, who decided to be especially charming that night at Webs. She's a killer sock yarn dyer (with friend Melanie!). They own dyenamicsyarn.com

Below are Laurie and Kay, owners of Sliver Moon Farm, both killer yarn dyers. I mentioned them in my previous post about Cummington/MA s&w). Laurie handspindles wherever she goes. Kay is always doing 10 things at once, ya can't keep up with her.

The hats below are for people I will never meet, but I hope they bring some comfort eventually. I donated 12 hats that night at WEBS. I took these sketchy pictures in the store. I didn't want to make a spectacle of myself by climbing on a chair to get a birdseye view, so here they are.

Last but not least I want to draw your attention to the new list of links--I edited a few big names outta there....I figured us little guys could use a hand in getting a little more famouser and noticed than some of the big names who get a bazillion hits a day anyway. You know, the ones whose webpage comes up when you even look at your computer screen.
So there they are, a couple of new ones, and if I left somebody out, let me know.
Diane, as soon as I find the card you gave me, I'll add you! Promise.
Happy Browsing!


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Its funny hearing about all of the lovely yarn trips you have been taking! I made it to MS&W this spring - my Dad was the best ever to wool shop with - who would have thought!

Hope to see you sometime soon!

Bonnie said...

Karin, your blog is delightful. I really enjoyed your 'coverage' of the Harlot event. Thanks, from those of us who can't get to all these cool events!

AlisonH said...

I'd have been the spectacle: I'd have taken the picture and then fallen off the chair (I do that at home where nobody has to notice.) If a blogger falls on the couch, and nobody sees it in the picture, did the blogger really fall?...

Cool pictures, meantime, and congratulations on all those hats!

AmyS said...

How fun to see a photo of Margo Lynn! And your hats are really lovely - they look soooo soft and warm!

frecklegirl jess said...

So nice meeting you!

Thanks for saying I am lovely- even though I called you Nancy. ;)

(Jess- ravelry/frecklegirl)

Diane said...

Hi Karin, it was such as surprise running into you like that! I'm glad we had the chance to sit together. I found your blog by chance while trying to search for an email for you, it's great! Hope to see you again soon. I wish something was going on locally June 9th for Knit In Public Day!
Take care & enjoy the summer,
Diane...and Eric too!

Diane said...

Karin it's me again,
I just saw your picture on the Yarn Harlot's blog! That is so cool!!!