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Thursday, July 5, 2007

more flowers?!

This month marks the 5th anniversary of our moving into this house.
One reason we bought the house was the yard.

The lady who owned the house before us was an avid gardener, and she put in a beautiful perennial garden. She loved planting so much in fact, that we are still in awe of how much she managed to put in. It eventually got to be a bit much for her, and by the time we "inherited" the garden, it was horribly overgrown. Vines covered rose bushes and trees. Ground cover covered --- everything. The first summer, we discovered we had 19 rose bushes.

We also have at least 6 different varieties of daylilies, which are about to come up.

July should also bring hosta flowers. We already had foxglove, the wisteria in early spring, and I think I showed you the peonies.
I am hoping the Rose o' Sharon will bloom soon, so I can get some shots of it for you.
Oh, and here's a photo of the latest pair of socks I finished. Crafty Girl snagged these (and I'm glad!)

I have no idea why this came out fuzzy! They were even holding still, unlike the flowers which were swaying in the wind yesterday.
Addendum 7/6/07:
The sock yarn I used is Austermann Step. The soft one which has aloe vera and jojoba oil in it. I used size 1 needles on these, but would go up to a 2 next time probably.


Elise H said...

Those flowers are simply gorgeous! Am so jealous! Socks are adorable too. When is the next knit night?

Jody said...

Love the flowers! And the socks look like they grew in the garden too. What kind of yarn?

Dawn Brocco said...

You lucky thing - what beautiful roses!!

AlisonH said...

Gorgeous flowers, and look at those socks! Perfect!