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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I don't know how many of you use blogger to blog with.
But I am starting to resent it just a little.
The new word verification thing is a big pain in the you know what. The post NEVER goes through on the first try!
The line breaks are never where I want them.
I don't know how to write in html...so I am trying to deal with it....
but needed to say that things don't always show up in the final post the way I wrote them initially, and it bothers me.
There. Got that off my chest.

(There are supposed to be three blank lines here.)

Anyway. I decided to remove the picture of the sweater from the last post, I was getting worried I was showing too much of the design ahead of publication.


Jody said...

My lips are sealed. LOL!

Connie said...

Actually, the word confirmation is a good thing. I used to be spammed mercilessly before I put it in. It was very annoying to have to go in and clean up the mess...

Vivian said...

Blogger has its own mind. If I write a post and publish it right away it usually looks fine, but if I save it as a draft and publish later the lines and sometimes fonts get all messed up.

Adding pictures would mess up the line breaks too.

AlisonH said...

When I was on Blogger, I learned to always copy the post before hitting send, because it deleted it so often. I'm using Wordpress now on my own site, and it's never been a problem.