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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

oh no!

Yesterday, we were working in the garden. Dear husband has 2 weeks before the school year starts and he has to go back to work.

Here's a shot of Solomon's Seal. Lush.

Then there's this mess.

That's the daylily bed, all horribly overgrown and mixed together with a hundred other plants.
When we first moved here 5 years ago, we couldn't see any flowers at all. They were all buried under a horrible vine that had taken over this yard. I have been plugging away at this for 6 summers, and now it was time to dig it all up, separate the lilies from the rest, add topsoil, and replant the lilies.
It's a work in progress if there ever was one.
So at the end of the day, I come in to make dinner. Husband is still out there, putting the tools away (he'd been working in the yard since 6:30 am).
I am cutting up string beans, the knife slips. A small chunk of my finger stuck to the knife.
Tall son rushes to my aid. Brings bandaids (no good in such a case), sterile gauze pads, the works.
First words out of his mouth: "Oh no! Now you won't be able to knit!"
I do love that kid.
And it's true. No knitting for...I don't want to think about how long...the finger affected is the one where I run my yarn around, continental style.
Meanwhile, check out this website:


Jody said...

Oh Karin! Ouch! I guess it's a good sign you can type though, right? My stomach jumped as I read your words. I feel for you. I do hope it heals quickly so you can get back to your knitting soon.

JessaLu said...

uh oh - I hope you mend soon...

Michele said...

Oh no!!!! It's a good thing that there's another 2 weeks for you to heal until Knit Knight at Tea & Tattered Pages. I'm sending healing vibes your way.

Alison said...

Stitches weren't an option? I mean, other than Stitches East... Ouch. I'm sorry.

Connie said...

Yikes! I hope you heal quickly, Karin.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Karin, Been missing you and decided to catch up on your news on your blog and found this one about your finger. Hope by now you are healed. Come see us sometime soon.