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Sunday, September 30, 2007

day eleven and twelve

Thank you thank you everyone for your comments...they feel like virtual hugs...I appreciate them so much. Going back over that post, I was getting worried that it turned into a Whine Fest.
I was so in the dumps all weekend, the words "failure" and "loser" kept coming back into my head more than I wanted them to. I want everyone to know that I loved having that shop, and yet at the same time it was too stressful over time. And never really the prospect of everything eventually paying off.
I am still extremely grateful to all the people that worked there with me and helped me out, and to my family who supported me. I will never forget what you did.
I am grateful I met so many wonderful people, and I have to keep in mind that the difficult people, too provided me with some great learning experiences.

Moving forward, (a much used phrase these days, I am aware) I finished all the parts to the jacket at 1 pm today and am now out back on the picnic table assembling the pieces. I hope to get it all done before the light fades, but there are some pictures for you: back, two fronts, two sleeves.

I am using Nashua "julia" to seam it together. That's a worsted weight. you can see how bulky the wool for the jacket is!

And of course I can't help but get up every so often and take a look at the flowers. The bees are having a good time with these asters:

No, and no news from Amy Singer.
Back to the jacket. I have the shoulders sewn up and one sleeve in.
Tomorrow morning at 10 am, it goes to Decadent Fibers and with them, to Stitches East and the NYS sheep and wool fest. And my pattern will be for sale there! :)

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AmyS said...

If that close-up shot shows the true colors of the yarn, it's really gorgeous! And those pattern pieces are quite tantalizing. Looks like the jacket is going to be adorable.