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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

day nine

Still no news from knitty/Amy Singer.
By now, I just want to know, either way.


Michele said...

No news is good news. Still keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Kate said...

I totally agree. I don't like being nervous every time I check my email. Which is all the time.

Leslie said...

1. Yeehaww! No news is good news (just like Michele says).

2. Sweetest little cat! I just love the way everything put out on a flat surface has to be tested. Perry got hold of the "off-the-needles" cardigan last night - spread it behind my chair and evaluated it all evening.

3. Cardigan is off the needles because gauge swatches lie - as you know :) Mine overlaps 1" in the front and still needs button bands. sigh. You'll get it done and some of us need larger sizes anyhow.