I knit. And I cook, write, take pictures. All for one low price.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

what day are we on?

Still no news as of today.

I locked myself in the house today and got the following done:

(one) entire cardigan back. We won't talk about the fact that it's on size 15 needles and there's a deadline looming and I have to have a whole cardigan done now. It took me three hours.

I also made dinner (soup, and breadpudding); answered many emails, set up extra violin lessons with violin teacher for Tall Son, drove everyone to and from school, went to PT, drove a car full of kids to orchestra practice, and keep editing the pattern for said cardigan all day long.

I am hot. Are you hot? Is it me or is it unseasonally hot? And am I having to knit a superbulky cardigan during all this? Yup. (Am I also looking forward to the check I can put in the bank after it's done? You bet!)

This one is for Decadent Fibers and they want it for Stitches East and then Rhinebeck. Yes I will get pictures up here once it's done. If you're going to either one of those fiber shows, make sure you stop by and say hello to my cardi!

'Til tomorrow! ( I have to go now because "House" is on...)