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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving. It is my most favorite holiday. This probably has something to do with the way we spend it: with friends, not family. We drive exactly one hour north, to Bennington, VT. We don't have to sit in airports or on the Thruway. We cook what we like, we each contribute about half to the meal. Each family has two kids, a boy and a girl (theirs are 2 years older than ours), who have known each other since they were babies. We play cardgames and boardgames and watch movies, the kids walk the dog, the men talk sports and the women talk knitting, and we all talk about life and what was and what might be.

I hope you all have a wonderful time, I hope you enjoy your meal and the people you're with. Come back safe from your travels.


Elise H said...

Happy thanksgiving and may all your turkeys be chocolate! We head in the other direction to Westchester for much of the same. Luckily my parents and my in-laws all get along. I hope to have much to show at the next knit night!!


AlisonH said...

Have a wonderful time, Karin. All my best.