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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ta da!

Yesterday I ran up to Border's for the fourth time to see if this knitting magazine was finally on the stands. Not that I've ever bought one of those before. I'll admit to you that it usually does not appeal to me all that much. Something about the lay-out, the glossy pages...can't quite put my finger on it...the articles are first rate, though.


It was time to buy it this time.

My design is in it!

If you click here, you can see it as one of four featured designs. They are calling it "Winter Berry".

I had been commissioned by Decadent Fibers to come up with a design for their yarn, they submitted the design to the magazine, and they in turn ended up liking it too. It is really something else to see one's own design, and the sweater that I knitted, on a pretty model in a shiny magazine. Not sure I can wrap my mind around that yet.

So there you have it. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Sweater - I'm going to have to add to my project list
:-) Congrats on being published!

Elise said...


AmyS said...

Congratulations! I will have to look for that issue, as Knit N Style is one of the few knitting magazines I can find easily here. Sorry about the socks, though - but they are gorgeous and I would love to make them! Thanks for sharing the pattern. Keep on designing, your work is wonderful.

teri said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! That's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic. I'm soooo impressed! It looks beautiful!

AlisonH said...

Congratulations! And it's beautiful and well designed, well done!

Leslie said...

Lovely sweater - nice to see that your talents are appreciated and now published in the glossy section! How much you want to bet a certain free knitting mag will accept your next submission???