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Monday, December 17, 2007

it's time

This article should be filed under "What else is new?".

It really is high time that we begin to step up our efforts and do something. And don't wait for the oil companies or whoever is in charge.

I realize I haven't touched upon the subject of global warming in a while; we all get busy. Holidays, the Mitchell report, you know, stuff like that.

I know it's cold out and cars need to get warmed up, but please consider not idling your car unless it is absolutely necessary. How many times have you gone to the bank lately, and someone was sitting in the car next to you, with the car running? Do you pick up your kids from school and leave the car running while you wait?

Idling your car for more than 30 seconds adds more pollution than turning the engine off and restarting it.

Even Martha is in on it. See here.

Remember the bank parking lot? Well how about the drive-through teller? How long do we sit there? Then consider all the other drive-throughs. McDrive. DDonuts. $tarBUCK$. It adds up. Not only do we drive too much, we sit in our cars with the engine on and we don't even go anywhere.

I think it's time we turn off the engine, and those of us who are able, walk into the bank on our own two feet. We may even be able to deposit some money in the process, instead of pulling it out.

Getting off my soapbox now.


Kate said...

My contribution lately? I try not to "shark" for a good parking spot. I just park and walk. And sometimes I have to make myself do it, because it's cold out, but it's really not necessary for me to be parked right next to the store. I'll make it.

SpiderWomanKnits said...

Stay on it!

You are so right we have to be more conscious of what we do. It's always the little things that add up.

AlisonH said...

Toyota's hybrids have better batteries and the equivalent of zero emissions, meaning they don't put out more pollution than what would be created at a power plant making the electricity. Honda's hybrids pollute much more. The reason Toyota's so much better than the competitors? One of the American car companies (I forget which one) owns the patent to that particular type battery, and only by a legal quirk does Toyota have the right to use it. And that American company is not granting that right to anybody else, and they're not using it much themselves. Pretty dumb--they could be not only doing more good in the world, they could be making a fortune on the patent rights.