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Saturday, December 1, 2007


I have to have about 25 hats done for this event next Friday. Elissa Halloran Designs has had my silk scarves for sale in her shop for ages, and this Friday she will be featuring 4 knitters for the First Friday event. Of course it's an opportunity I appreciate very much.

As you know, I am also trying to make my father's sweater.

What I haven't told you is that I also have to have a submission ready for a book contribution for Donna Druchunas.

My hands are killing me. Ever since I have had to make the "Twisty Turns Shrug" from Wrap Style, in time for the Sheep and Wool Fest (and failed miserably), my hands have not been the same. I think I have carpal tunnel, in fact I wake up every night with my entire arm numb and some fingers in great pain. I have been taking turmeric capsules to fight inflammation and recently even began taking ibuprofen to get through the day.

Before you feel all sorry for me, I have to put things in perspective:
Today is World Aids Day. See this article, for example. Or this site. Or here.

I think I'll just knit a little more slowly, and mindfully, today.


Kristine said...

Make sure you're stretching your shoulders; a lot of the time when my hands hurt its because the nerves in my neck and shoulders are getting pinched by tense muscles.

It's a good excuse to get someone to give you a massage...you could even call it a business expense!

Karenjoseattle.com said...

Karin, try sleeping with hand braces that have a stiff insert like metal. Many of us sleep in positions that put further strain on our hands rather than giving them time to repair.

Also be aware that bad tendinitis, what I get, can feel just like carpel tunnel since the swelling puts pressure on the same nerves. Tendons take time to heal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin! Be careful with any type of brace - see an MD before you use one. If what you have is carpal tunnel, they can actually pinch the median nerve worse. The best thing you can do are stretching exercises and Aleve can help. I find if I switch knitting methods and throw for a while, it helps a lot. The ultimate best thing is to rest. If you want, I can bring you brochures from an Occupational Health & Safety Program. Take Care! Sharon F.

cranberry said...

Hello! Hi, I'm jazzypom from ravelry. I'm terribly sorry that my icon picture has caused you offense, and as soon as I got your note, I changed it as I could. I'm sorry that I couldn't change it sooner, because I was away from the PC yesterday.

Please accept my profuse apologies, and thank you for being so polite with your request.


jazzypom (from ravelry).

AmyS said...


I'm so sorry you're in pain! Take good care of yourself.