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Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Day 2007

In Germany, it is custom to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, by going to church and exchanging gifts.
On Christmas Day, we were taken out to lunch. Afterwards, we went to see this Catholic church.

Which was surrounded by these lovingly restored buildings from the 16th century.

The year is 1573.

This one, 1570.

Inside the church. There is a nativity scene on the left of the altar, and more shepherds and sheep on the right side.

These guys were completely handmade. They stood about 8 inches tall, the sweaters were about 2 to 3 inches long. I couldn't quite figure out how the sheep was made.

Perfect fit! I keep thinking about who the knitter might have been.


AlisonH said...

WOW. Cool, Karin!

AmyS said...

Wow, what wonderful things you saw! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us.

Jody said...

I was just marveling at the structures you get to see in Europe. Those church and village photos are amazing. We just took Moose and Manda to NYC to visit in-laws and passed Yankee Stadium and remarked how sad they will be tearing it down for the new one soon. Same will be happening to Shea Stadium, which has Manda all fired up because that's where her Daddy saw the Beatles for the first time! How can they tear down such history? The Europeans know how to value history.