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Thursday, February 14, 2008

bear with me

Back again with more pictures. I was going over some of the shots from this morning, and I wanted to share this: an iced over rosebush in my neighbor's yard.

Like my friend Leah pointed out in the comments, things were dripping all day. (Also, there were shards of ice flying off the powerlines and trees!)

But speaking of dripping: see the drops in midair in the next two pictures?

Anyway. One of these days, I'll talk about knitting again.
Thanks for bearing with me.


jackie said...

Hi Karin, love the photos. Do you find inspiration for your designs from Nature?

Karin said...

Thank you for your comment, Jackie. I find inspiration in nature, yes, but also a lot of other places...food for another post...:)

AlisonH said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

Missing the lovely forms and looks of ice and snow, but the cold, not so much...

AmyS said...

I think your photos are gorgeous! You've done a wonderful job capturing the icy beauty around you.