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Thursday, March 20, 2008

more news and tragedy: Tibet

I am just going to keep writing about this for as long as I can find news about it.
More news from the poster on ravelry, in the Mindful Knitters group. For those of you on ravelry, I am giving you the link.

I’ll write more later when I can think. I’m sitting here now
asking questions of a friend who came to fill us in on the latest news and
it’s pretty bad. This is someone who has been talking to Lhasa this week.
This is someone who is personally passionate about all of this. He himself
escaped Tibet a few years ago, was captured by the Chinese army, beaten
brutally, tortured and left for dead. He survived, badly damaged and he has
just recently some of his strength and confidence again. I am not even going
to give names here anymore.
I’ll post what he has told me when I can.
Right now I’m going to copy and paste the text of another e-mail I just received. It is from a dear dear friend of ours, A Tibetan nun in Nepal who is extremely involved in her community. I
wrote her a couple of days ago to tell her we were concerned about her and her kin. Today I received this reply:

Dear Lena and Joy
Thank you very much
for your mail. I don’t have any news from my viilage and Zigar monastery. I am
so happy to know that you are alwasy there for us. I am extremely glad to hear
from you at this very time. Nobody has any clear news from Tibet. I went to the
UNO’s office yesterday and I was put in the prison for the whole and we were
released at around 6 pm. I reached at home at around 7 yesterday
We are very sad what is happening in Tibet. Many Tibetans were
killed and many more are injured badly. About 500 people are still in the
police custody and most of them are being sentenced to death. Nobody knows
how many people are missing and how of them were killed. Some people say
that more than 3000 Tibetans were killed. We need the whole world’s support
to have some peace in the country. Many Tibetans go to the UNO office every
day in Kathmandu and some of them are injured badly by the police. Two ot them are seriously injured. One of them has been broken his both legs. We are not allowed to knock the UNO’s office also. We are helpless until we get the international support. Many Tibetans were killed
in many places around in Tibet. I don’t know what to do. Should we cry or die?
Every day Tibetans in Kathmandu try to go the UNo’s office but we are always
rejected and we are put into prisons. I know every body looks down upon us
because we don’t have any passports. We have lost many of our brothers and
sisters in Tibet. Here all Tibetans cry and cry every day infront of Boudha
stupa or in the streets. Sometimes I don’t know what to do. I can’t think also.
The Red Chinese have been practising marshall law in Tibet. They are blaming its
on H H the Dalia Lama. They are shameless. They captured our country plus they
don’t give jobs and rights for the Tibetans in Tibet.
I look forward to
hearing from you soon.
Yours dharma friend*
Ani Y*

Clarification: UNO means United Nations Organization.

My knitting projects are on the back burner right now, I have been working a lot more hours lately (outside the house). I hope I am reaching at least some of my readers with these posts about the injustice being done to the Tibetan people.
Evidently, the Washington Post's coverage is more comperehensive. Start with this one, for example.

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You are reaching me, Karin!

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