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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More on Tibet

I have decided to keep writing about this, and by giving you an obvious title, you can decide whether to read that post or not. Please bear with me while I am pre-occupied with these horrific events, while I am trying to work through the reason why it is affecting me quite so much.

I can fully appreciate that some of you have other approaches, or simply do not have emotional room for this issue. I know that you are all very caring people, and your arms and minds are wide open; I can see it every day. You take loving care of your children, parents, pets, and neighbors. I am not trying to get anyone upset, all I am trying to do is raise awareness.

There WILL be knitting content again, and more photography, but I am waylaid by a lot of what is going on with work and in my family, so unfortunately I have not had any time to knit more than a few rows here and there.

Here, then, is another link, if you choose to read it. Human Rights Watch.

PS: when I left the house this morning, the damp air hit me after the night's rain: it smelled like Spring!


Kristine said...

I appreciate reading about your thoughts, and I'm sorry that I don't have room to let this one in -- I'm very consumed by my own personal crisis right now, and trying to turn this extra month of no-work into a positive thing instead of a frightening thing -- that's consuming every thing I have. But I like to be reminded of what else is going on, so I continue to read.

melanie said...

How can the Chinese ambassador to Canada call the Dalai Lama a liar? I mean, the man represents all that is good in the world, has dedicated his life to peace and harmony, and he's a LIAR??? Just the fact that the Chinese are stooping to this level, convinces me that they are hiding a massacre. It makes my blood boil...

Anonymous said...


I always appreciate what you say...it's important to be a student of the world. I sometimes don't get a chance to comment as much as I would like, but I am always reading.