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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ski Lodge Scoop

Not to be deterred by some disturbing political news in our fine state of New York, I am posting a Progress Report.

This is going to be the Ski Lodge Scoop from the book Twelve Months of Knitting, by Joanne Yordanou.

I had some Noro Silk Garden, and some Blackwater Abbey yarn in my stash. Each yarn quantity was not enough to make anything but hats, or a scarf, and I didn't want to do that again. Lo and behold, they go together really well.
The Irish wool actually has all the colors of the Noro yarn blended in...

I am striping them in 2 row stripes.

I changed the pattern from knitting a front and a back separately, to knitting it in the round. A lovely stitch marker, of which I received a whole set for my birthday from my friend Sharon, is aiding me.

I am using size 8 needles. The front and the back have since been separated at the armhole and are being finished separately.
To be continued!

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Vivian said...

The yarns look beautiful together. Love your pictures!