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Thursday, April 3, 2008


Today, I need to give credit where credit is due.

Alison Hyde is the one who recommended me to Donna Druchunas, who in turn invited me to submit a design to the book.

I am not sure I ever even told you what the book is about?

Donna found a collection of lace knitting patterns, written by Dorothy Reade. The collection of patterns has long been out of print. The patterns were so beautiful, that Donna decided to revive them - and asked 25 designers to pick one pattern each, and run with it. You might recognize some of these names: Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer; Annie Modesitt; Evelyn Clark; Sivia Harding. I am the rookie in the bunch...and I feel deeply honored to be in such amazing company.

Donna Druchunas was the editor who wrote all the charts for Alison's book, Wrapped in Comfort. Alison knew me from a couple of different online knitting forums. In fact, we have been emailing each other for a number of years. She gave my name to Donna. The rest is (knitting) history! I picked out my stitch pattern, and sent in my proposal of a sleeveless shell and a matching stole. Donna liked it, I got to pick out my yarn (Lorna's Laces "swirl" dk and chunky), and off I went.

And it's all thanks to Alison. Do check out her book of shawls and the stories that inspired them. It's one of those timeless books you will pick up again and again...

Alison, if you have anything to add to this story, please feel free!


AlisonH said...

Only, wow. Thank you, Karin! I am so thrilled it worked out so well. And I knew you would love working with Donna, she's wonderful.

Kristine said...

Hooray for Karin and Hooray for Alison! My two favorite ladies!!

So, any idea when this book might be arriving? Or what it's called?

Thanks for the link-tip; it's fixed now.