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Thursday, April 24, 2008

message to Diane

Hi Diane,
Yes I am going to WEBS this weekend.
I'm even going to buy yarn. (Ooops. Dear Husband. I know. But there's a big sale on?)

I am sorry Diane that you haven't been feeling too great. Please feel better.
Yes I am also going to Cummington, probably on the Saturday. We need more spinning fiber, don't we!

By the way, check out a fabulous new book called "a fine fleece" by Lisa Lloyd. It has 26+ projects in it using handspun yarn; or you can use commercial yarn. I am head over heels with this book, hence I must buy some yarn ASAP! It'll be one of the very few times I try to buy the original yarn and color for something.

I am sorry I won't make it to Claremont this Saturday, Crafty Girl has a soccer game I can't miss. I've missed too many.

Take good care,
and say hi to Eric, that sweet man of yours!


PS: I will pick up an autographed copy of the book for you, OK?


Anonymous said...

Message to Karin - this isn't Diane (I'm feeling a wee bit silly today), but I hope to see you at Webs on Sunday too! I'm enhancing my stash as well. Who knows when the price of will will be increasing! Take care! Sharon F.

Diane said...

Oh my goodness Karin...an entry just for me! You are to sweet and thank you for the get well wishes! That would be wonderful if you are able to get me a copy while you're there. I 'd be happy to meet you at Wool'n Word or Trumpet Hill or where ever to pay you and I would be forever grateful! I can't wait to check out the "a fine fleece" book especially after hearing how you are excited about it. I like the idea of the books patterns being able to be knit with either style of yarn. I am spinning some fiber I have from Rhinebeck for a commercial yarn pattern right now. I have been using alot of my stash lately both fiber & yarn. Have only been buying for special projects when I don't have something that will work.

It will be our first time at Cummington so I'm excited to see what it's like. Can always use more fiber. I am actually surprised and happy with how much of my own yarn I actually spin. It has really made me more comfortable with spending the money on my wheel.
I better go so I don't bog down your blog. Good luck to Crafty Girl on her game Saturday and hope Tall Son had an amazing time on his trip. What a wonderful experience for him. Eric says hello & he just finished his 2nd hat in the round and even with DPN's! I am so proud!
I'll send you a quick note on Ravelry, which I should of done in the first place. Sorry about that!
Take care my friend,