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Saturday, May 31, 2008

a bed of roses

These pictures are the complete opposite of what is going on in my house right now.
In the garden, we had some lovely peonies last week. More are due to open in a few days.

This lilac is almost spent now, but I found this one white cluster amongst all the purple striped ones. Rogue Lilacs!

Inside the house, it's quite another story. I am sifting, organizing, and tossing. I've rented a storage unit and brought several boxes of old files from the shop over that I have to keep for another several years. Yesterday, I brought over 5 bins of yarn. Yarn I have had for years...not sure what to do with it. I've put it in storage because I have to live without it for a while. More is yet to be moved. Then there are magazines and patterns that had to move out, too.

I am finding old unfinished projects -- like a pair of socks that only needs one toe. Can you believe it? A little boy's vest that only needs buttons. A scarf that needs the ends woven in. Why did I stop short with these?

There are knitting bags with works in progress, stalled. I have half a mind to frog them all.

My dining room table is heaped with yarn, needles, patterns, paperwork, and more needles. I pushed some of it aside to put the laptop on it so I could post.

Why am I doing all this?

My parents are coming in less than a month.
The kids are graduating from their respective schools.
Sometime in the near future, we want to put the house up for sale.
To that end, we are finally supposed to get contractors in to fix up our bathroom, the most hideous bathroom in the Western Hemisphere. Well, probably the world. The downstairs bathroom needs some repairs and sprucing up, the dining room ceiling needs to be painted. The basement needs to be cleaned out -- it't the place where most of my yarn lives -- the walls need patching and painting. It has taken two months of phone calls and people coming in and measuring and more phone calls and waiting for a floor to finally get to this point.

Now we are down to the wire, the relatives are coming, it's graduation time.

Maybe I'll just go sit in a corner and put some buttons on that little vest.

(Tonight, it's also Senior Prom night; tomorrow, the last concert of the season for Tall Son in the Empire State Youth Orchestra. Wednesday, new bathroom floor gets installed; Friday, Crafty Girl's endoscopy. Never a dull moment around here.)


Knittingchick said...

Karin, my prayers are with all of you at this hectic time for your family and especially for a good outcome with the endoscopy. Sounds like you need a couple of hours away from the house to knit! Call me!


magnusmog said...

Blimey! That sounds like a lot to have going on. Hope it all goes well:)

Elise said...

I completely understand the chaos and the associated feelings of upheaval...happening around here too. Some projects (knitting and otherwise) have been languishing just because I am so overwhelmed...but I find that once I start on a small task, no matter which one, things tend to seem a bit better. Or, that is the route I am choosing to take at present. let me know if you need a great painter...I have one who is neat, nice, and totally reasonably priced. Comes when he says he will come and never goes over budget.

Take care.