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Saturday, June 7, 2008

the state of my knitting

Thanks to Dear Husband, I am back online with my computer.

Here, now, is the current state of my knitting. A sad, sad, state.

At least for the poor neglected hexagons: I made a mistake in the last one and haven't gone to fix it. Just haven't taken, or had, the sit-down-and-concentrate time to get them back on track.

This is the little red vest and a kid's scarf I found last week during the major cleaning out.
They are both a few years old. I bet the kid who was supposed to get those is in middle school by now.

A pair of socks I started in January.

Another pair of socks I found last week, goodness knows how old...why would anyone stop short of a toe?? I AM in the process of finishing those.

Then yesterday, as I was waiting my way through Crafty Girl's procedure at the hospital, I cast on for a new pair of socks. Since I joined the new 52 pair plunge 2, and old unfinished socks don't count, I was forced to cast on for a brandnew pair.

When we got home, we settled down for a couple of movies, and I got this far with this sock by evening.

It seems like all I ever do is plain vanilla socks...no fancy patterning. I use socks as a mindless autopilot kind of knitting, round and round, to relax with...even to the point where I abandon them when I need to concentrate. I know, excuses, excuses. If you have a remedy for sock startitis, be sure to let me know.

This next one is a project I've not been telling you about, for now particular reason. It's the first project in the book a fine fleece by Lisa Lloyd. I keep advertising this book, sorry, I love it so much, I am hoping you will write to me and tell me you love it too, and then we can be friends.

I do love making sweaters. Especially when they are made in one piece. The yarn I am using here is Valley Yarns "Northampton", colorway merlot heather. This picture does not do it justice. I bought the yarn on "harlot special" when I was at WEBS during Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's visit and reading. $3.69/ball, ya can't beat that. And it's beautiful, giving good stitch definition. I took one week to make the whole body, but then I slowed down for the sleeves.

That's it for now, folks.

Soon, I'm going to need all my strength and resolve, because I have to put the stash in temporary hibernation.

But maybe that will help me stay focused and finish what's in front of me.


magnusmog said...

Dear Emma, your computer doldrums must have happened when we were sleeping, otherwise I'm sure Jeni would have replied.

However, now that I've got your attention PLEASE HELP ME I'M TRAPPED!!!!!!! I haven't been outside for days, ever since the man in the white coat pulled my bandage off and checked my stitches. All the birds are singing and it is beautiful hunting weather but they won't let me outside.

Not even at night when I have to sleep in the kitchen and the only way I can express my frustration is to hide Jeni's house keys in the litter tray and then cover them with socks and things to unpleasant to mention. How long will this horror last?

yours in feline solidarity


ps. nice sweater.

Do said...

Hallo Schwester,
ich liebe deine Socken, kannst du den Eltern nicht ein paar von diesen mitgeben, ich brauche wieder mal neue ;-))
Love, Doris

magnusmog said...

Dear Emma, thank you for your support. I believe the UN have been alerted to my plight and the Cats for Obama will be in touch shortly.

The Mog bit of my name is just an affectation on the part of the people I live with. Mog is a pet name for cat ( if you pardon the pun )

The last cat they had was called Mondaymoo, so things could have been a lot worse. At least Magnus has a touch of gravitas about it.

Enjoy the sunshine - I'm off to bite some ankles.

Magnus xx

Elise said...

Karin--Love the sweater and I am glad that you are enjoying the yarn....after I went on and on about it....it was the bargain of the century and the color is gorgeous. Congrats to Tall Son and you and your husband...glad to know your daughter is feeling good. Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin, I love the sweater. Let me know when the pattern is published so I can get a copy. Cathy O

jackie said...

Hi Karin, I hope all is well and that life will run smoothly again.
I have a new addition (puppy) so my knitting has gone on vacation until things settle down. And I also have suffered from second sock startitis. I'm optimistic that we'll all get back on track when the 90 degree temps change and things cool off a little bit.