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Friday, August 22, 2008


I've owed you some pictures.

Here is the tote bag we made when I showed Crafty Girl how to sew the other day.
It's holding my Kearsarge project. That's part of a sleeve.

This is the back. The true color is somewhere between what you see above and below.

This is the smaller totebag Crafty Girl made. It's been in use quite a bit!

Here are the 3 rovings from the natural dye class 2 weeks ago; the middle one was supposed to get overdyed with indigo. As you can see on the right, the indigo dyebath did not co-operate.

These are 2 ounces each of merino superwash. Not sure when I'll have the time to spin those up.

Lest you are sick and tired of hearing about Tall Son going to college, here's someone who could care even less.

Last week, I made this hat for a young man that Tall Son went to elementary school with; he's off to Plattsburgh in northern NY and will surely need a warm hat.

I used: one skein or about 66 yards of superbulky yarn, Nashua Equinox. Size 15 needles, 16 inch circulars and dpns.

I do not claim this pattern as my own. It's sort of a hybrid.

Cast on 42 sts. Working in the round, work 3 rds in k1, p1 rib.
Work stockinette st until hat measures 7 inches from beginning.

Crown decreases - switch to dpns.
Rnd. 1: Knit 5, k2tog, repeat all around.
Rnd. 2: Knit 4, k2tog, repeat all around
Rnd.3: Knit 3, k2tog, wash, rinse, repeat.
Rnd 4: Knit 2, k2tog, ditto.
Rnd 5: Knit 1, k2tog. etc.
Last round: k2tog around.
Break yarn and thread through all remaining sts. Weave in all ends.
Give to your neighborhood college freshman.

Tall Son served as the fit model, but assured me he does not want me to make him a hat.

EDITED (Sat. 10 am) to fix spelling errors and to say that the bulky hat was well received.


AlisonH said...

The cat will care. He'll disappear and it'll go looking for him and purr mercilessly when he returns home.

Hang in there, the first week's the hardest. The household gets very quiet suddenly.

Knittingchick said...

Oh to be able to live the life of a cat, so indifferent, so carefree! You know what they say... Dogs have masters, cats have staff!

Anonymous said...

I like the hat and the pattern seems easy. I may use it for some non-college men I know!

Our son left yesterday for his 3rd year of law school - we loved having him home all summer for the first time in years. Glad we were off to LI for a bridal shower. It does get easier but they are always a part of you...

Try to adopt the cat's position!!!