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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Watch out!

This is a link to a politically oriented blog.

If politics of any sort bore you, or you simply do not want to deal with it right now, ignore THIS.
(I had this page pop up that said the blog is currently under review. I clicked on Proceed and got there right away.)

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Which is where I almost tore my hair out today.

I had very secretly been getting a book proposal ready to send out. Introduction written, dsigns drawn, etc.
Today an old acquaintance asked me if I'd be interested in maybe trying to contribute a few designs to a book that a friend of hers is writing?

Same book. Same idea. Same everything.

Pardon me while I go back to my darkened bedroom and cry for a while.


Anonymous said...

karin, don't give up! There probably is truth in the old saying "great minds think alike".
I know of similar situations among artists who draw and paint, being a fiber artist the likelyhood of having the same experience is highly probable. Keep being creative and your "Eureka!" moment will happen.

magnusmog said...

thanks for the blog link - this stuff is much more important than politics!

Keep faith with with your own ideas, they might have a similar theme to the other proposal but you'll have your own unique slant.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could be co-authors? Your combined ideas will make for a better book. Cathy

leah said...

keep moving forward with your project anyway. there is always room for another great book.

AlisonH said...

Go for it anyway. Interweave was working on a shawls book, which I didn't know, and turned mine down. Martingale published mine, and it's been selling very, very well for them.

melanie said...

Don't you dare give up! If all those women on the (wonderful) site you linked believe in what they are doing, you must also!

What if they said to themselves, "Aw, somebody else has already spoken out against Sarah Palin, what will my voice do?" then those organizers would never realize their goal of thousands of letters...right?

Your book will be just that, YOUR book. And you know for sure, I will buy one. So better keep writing, honey.