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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'll have homefries with that, please!

As you may or may not know, Abi has chickens. Very friendly chickens that come over to you and greet you when you pull into the driveway. These chickens lay the most wonderful eggs, and I was given a whole dozen the other day when I visited.

Also, I was given yarn. Dyed in Vermont, delicious sock yarn, dyed in the colorway "Cream of Mushroom".

Eggs, mushrooms, omelette. Good enough to eat, I tell you.

To some this might not be the most eggciting colorway, but I LOVE it. Just up my alley. There are hints of rose in it, and sage, and many shades of brown I didn't even know anybody could put on a skein of yarn.

I've eaten some of the eggs, the yarn remains untouched, yet.
After the holidays, it'll be something I'll savor knitting up.
Thank you, Abi.


leah said...

i love these photos!

jackie said...

Yummy indeed! Did Abi dye the yarn herself? Is there a link? I'm into the Ocean colors but this "mushroom" color could entice me to expand my color palette