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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

who do I thank?

Yesterday, I looked up my statcounter to see what's been going on. To my big surprise, this blog had over 1800 visitors on Saturday, November 8th.

I got curious, because I was sure it wasn't anything I had posted that would draw so many hits.

But go here, and go to the November 8th entry: it's a link to my Solstice Socks pattern!

Now I need to know how I received the honor of getting posted on a free pattern site? Who put me on the Daily Knitter?

Who do I thank?


Zenzele said...

Well, you got one more hit! Love those socks!

jackie said...

The Solstice socks rock:-)

Vivian said...

I hope you find the person. I think I got some of the wave too, quite a few people visited my blog from your sock pattern page.

AlisonH said...

Cool, and congratulations!

It was SO good to meet you in person yesterday. Thank you so so much for coming all that way.

mad angel said...

Hi, Karin.
Those socks are beautiful! They are now on my "to do" list. It was so nice to meet you at Alison's book signing this past Friday. I'm adding your blog to my "to read" list now. :-)
Paula (mad angel)