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Sunday, January 11, 2009

storm #5; socks; Alison

The fifth storm this winter hit overnight, but it finished just in time for Dear Husband and Tall Son to drive across the state. It was time to say good-bye as the spring term starts on Wednesday.

Tall Son had asked for socks. Mind you this is the first time he asked me to knit anything since the 7th grade, when he wanted me to make him a hat. I took too long getting the hat started. He finally made it himself.
But I got right on it with the socks, and finished them last night. Yes there was some procrastination in there. I'm really good at creating deadlines for myself....

Size 13 feet. He said, just pick a yarn that you have a lot of. I had some Opal 6 ply in my stash, in a burnt orange color, and used size 3 (3.25mm) needles. 54 stitches. I used a 2x2 rib for the ribbing, then went to 3x1. They fit him well.

It felt good to be able to send him off with these on his feet.
Meanwhile, Alison is gravely ill. I know so because for her to be writing such an incredibly short post, which took a lot of effort, means she is very ill.
I felt moved to send an email to Caremark last night. I mean, what they're doing, that's just not right.
Please send prayers, good thoughts, strength, love, hugs, whatever you got, her way. Thank you.


Mare said...

Oh i cannot wait till i can knit a pair of socks like those! I am trying again to knit my first pair of mittens,(the first mitten i got half way thru got shredded in a game of tug of war by my puppies)I am using the Magic Loop method. After that, here comes the sock directions! Are there any super easy sock patterns you would recommend to a beginner knitter?

jackie said...

I sent them an email and did not hold my tongue one bit. I hope they do call me because I have few more things I'd tell them point blank,(in my opinion) about their gross mishandling of this case.

jackie said...

forgot to mention, love the socks. I'm happy to know Tall Son requested them.

duraknit said...

Karin, thanks for providing that link. I wrote them a rather vehement message about Alison's [lack of] care on their behalf.

--Elizabeth D

magnusmog said...

what great socks ( and huge feet)

Thank you for fighting for your friend's care.