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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I am the least Irish person around, but I like parades and music and celebrations. Also, this time of year, I take my green wherever I can find it!

This past Saturday, we had two St Patrick's Day parades to go to. One small one in North Albany, which spanned about a half block, but was not short on fun.

Then we went on the the big parade in Albany, which on that gorgeous day drew many thousands of people.
Here is our Crafty Girl, who is a member of the Color Guard and Marching Band, getting ready for step off. Note the green bands she had put on her braces.

The streets were so crowded that Dear Husband and I missed about a third of the parade, but what we did see was amazing enough! I took a million pictures, but I'll spare you the fire trucks and local officials.

This little girl was my favorite parade onlooker.

St Patrick working the crowd.

After the parade, I went looking for some green in my yard.

I also have green knitting on the needles! Here's the back to THIS. I can't wait!!

Enjoy your day, wherever you may be, and the luck o' the Irish to ye!


Knittingchick said...

Love all the green stuff, especially the sweater!

magnusmog said...

How lovely to see Crafty Girl - tell her I said Hi :)

I like the look of the cardigan, I just wish Berocco sold patterns on my side of the ocean.

Kayten said...

A book! Congratulations! and, yes, it must be written even without a contract. I've been hibernating and trying to brace myself to send out my sales tax, which is due 3/20, by the way. I would love to see you. Thanks for the German sock blog. I wonder if I could figure out German knitting by reading German blogs. I speak household German, which means I can talk about food and dress. I remember when I spent the summer in Germany with my uncle, the young people I met were all majoring in "Steuern," I believe they called it. I think I eventually figured out they were accounting majors. Steuern are taxes, right?
Getting ready to start dyeing again. Also knitting for the 3 girls babies arriving over the next few months. A friend has 4 boys due in her circle. WQe've discussed swapping baby items just to have something different to knit!

AlisonH said...

Got a good laugh out of the Horse Of Another Color! (When I was a little kid, we got to stay up quite late once to watch the Wizard of Oz movie at my grandparents in order to see the Horse Of Many Colors: they had a color TV, a very new and very rare thing then. Boy, am I dating myself!)

Vivian said...

Happy St. Pat day to you too! I'm sure I'm less Irish than you. The green sweater is so pretty, so springy!

Pat said...

Thanks for the great parade pics - I didn't go to any parades this year and now I feel compensated! I love the stitch details and definition of the sweater!