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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Knit Night, etc.

I'm back from my trip, feeling strangely jet-lagged though I only went a couple of hours south by train. Now I am playing catch-up with laundry and emails. Then work.

Today is Tall Son's 19th birthday! Yes, my April Fool's baby. I love him so much, and am not afraid to admit it.

Knit Night is tomorrow!! My dear local knit sibs, please come and knit.
Panera's in Glenmont, 7 to 9 pm.


Mare said...

Happy Birthday Tall Son! :)

AlisonH said...

Happy birthday to tall son, and today was Tall Daughter's due date over here. But alas, the hospital told the doctor he had too many procedures scheduled already, so she was induced two days late instead.

Knittingchick said...

Happy Birthday Tall Son! And I'll see you at Panera's Knit Night tomorrow,

Tall Son said...

Thanks, I didn't know I was famous :P

magnusmog said...

Happy late birthday Tall Son!