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Thursday, April 30, 2009

thank you!

Thank you everyone for the compliments on the yarn colors. I am hopeful that very soon, my handdyed yarn will be available online for purchase. Melanie and Alison of Dye-namics and I are trying to figure out a way. They are an established dye company with a website. Please check them out! I have had socks from their yarn for years and they are holding up much better than some of the Very Famous Brands.

Some of you inquired about my new job. My new boss, Lori, and I actually were co-workers for a while at the Honest Weight Food Co-op, then she cut back on her hours because she also had two small businesses she was running. One of which is a personal chef business. She has a professional kitchen, her business is expanding, she needs help....one day we got to talking. I needed better hours to be able to write my book. She could use my help. The rest is history. I am still a member of the co-op, putting in 3-4 hours a week, thus getting my 26% discount on groceries I buy there.

What can I say. It was a little serendipitous. She's a knitter and a spinner and a weaver.

Speaking of work, today I am actually home, simply trying to breathe. This sudden and intense onset of spring - summer, really - has made my seasonal allergies so much worse. I got new drugs yesterday, and an inhaler. The new drugs are knocking me out just a little, this post took me a very long time to write....I'll talk to you tomorrow.


Knittingchick said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. Have you tried a Neti Pot? It always helps me during allergy season. I even got Ron to try it and he felt much better after the first rinse. Hope you're head clears up soon.

Mehna said...

You were missed last night! I hope that you start feeling better. Hopefully I will see you next week.

AlisonH said...

Get better! And congratulations on the new job and good boss.

JessaLu said...

Feel better!

Kristine said...

I'm behind the times, but those colors are WONDERFUL.

I also thought you'd like to know that a certain little redheaded girl is sleeping under a certain purple quilt made for her by a certain wonderful someone. I'm going to blog about her bed sometime this weekend (it has a whole story!) and I wanted to make sure it was okay I gushed about the wonderfulness of said purple quilt.