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Friday, April 10, 2009

watch this space! leave a comment! win a book!

Donna Druchunas is one of today's most prolific knitting book authors. I don't know how she does it, but she simply cranks out one volume after another. I am sure you have heard of Arctic Lace? Or how about Kitty Knits, a fun book she said she had to write to take a break from all the research-heavy ethnic knitting books she was writing.

Out right now is the second in a series of three books on ethnic knitting. Exploration was preceded by Ethnic Knitting Discovery, which of course I also own. Each of these volumes covers three countries and their distinct sweater styles.

Donna has organized a blog tour of the book, and I want to strongly encourage you to check it out. All the links to the various blogs are on Donna's site, Sheep to Shawl.

Next Saturday, April 18th, the blog tour will stop by here! Donna and I will be talking about our design approaches, what things we like to design and knit for ourselves, and all kinds of other good stuff.

So watch this space! Leave a comment! And win a copy of this very book:

Here's how it works:

- Leave a comment here on this blog and give me your name, or at least some initials.
- You may leave one comment per day all the way until Sunday, April 19th, 12 noon EST.
- Since I get to moderate the comments first, I can also delete them. No spamming, no rudeness. Be nice, please, and leave a comment for Donna, will ya?
- I will enter your name into the lottery as many times as you leave a comment, which means more chances for you!

On Sunday, April 19th, after I have had a lie-down and a cup of tea, I will literally put all the entries into a hat and have Crafty Girl draw a winner.

The name/identifying initials of the winner will be announced right here on the blog, that same day, if the creek don't rise. At which time I will ask the winner to email me his/her address. I might also throw in a skein of yarn or two to sweeten the deal. Who knows!

Ready, set, comment! I don't care where you live. I'll send the book to Australia, if I have to!


Knittingchick said...

Here's my comment! I love contests and can always use a new knitting book. Good luck to me! Hope you and Donna have fun.


kniteresting said...

Here's my comment. I'm looking forward to the blog tour - not really sure what that is, but I'll try anything once!

emcknits said...

I can always use a new book too, so here is my comment. Thanks emcknits.

JessaLu said...

It looks like a lovely book! ;o)

(that was polite enough, right? hehe) ;op

ikkinlala said...

I'll be looking forward to this!

Nicole S (ikkinlala)
ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

melanie said...

Hello Karin! Count me in! And I do have some questions for Donna - how did she come to choose those three countries to feature?

Alison Hyde said...

Donna does incredible work. Someday I hope to meet her and thank her for doing a wonderful job tech-editing my book!

jane said...

from jane
looks like an interesting book

Vivian said...

What an interesting blog tour. I love her Arctic Lace.

Your pictures of NYC are beautiful. Great to have a personal approach for the Big Apple.

magnusmog said...

Can I try to win a book - please!

Anonymous said...

I am crossing my figers - for myself. See you soon. Cathy O'Neill

Pat said...

Sounds exciting! My mother is from Lithuania - I didn't even know there was a Lithuanian knitting style! I'll have to get the book whether I'm a winner of the contest or not!

Kayten said...

What fun idea! I hope you enjoy the visit to Tall Son. Donna is indeed prolific. You know about me and the books, right. It seems it mostly must...have...it. I have the Artic Lace book, but haven't knit from is yet. Just drooled.

Anonymous said...

OH neato book i wanna win ~ Gretchen

Ed Mashmann said...

I can't believe Gretchen didn't mention this to me. She wants to edge me out of the drawing! LOL a little mom/daughter competition! The book looks very interesting.

I liked your NYC take. Maybe we'll go exploring the next time we go down.


Anonymous said...

OH I want more chances..... I lOVE Knitting books

Anonymous said...

At the risk of appearing piggy, here's another comment from me. I would love to add that book to my library!
P.S. Love the shawl!
~ Kathie aka Kniteresting

Anonymous said...

Just checked the book tour blog - I am so inspired.
must. have. book.
Kathie aka Kniteresting