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Thursday, May 14, 2009

comings and goings

Sometimes life happens faster than one can blog about it. I'll catch you up on some recent comings and goings around here.

Last week on Monday, I went to see a wee little newborn. I only got to hold him for an hour and a half before grandma intervened. :)

On the way, I stopped to talk to my friend Melanie. She is offering me space on her website (thank you!!) to help me sell my handdyed yarn online. Here she is with some of her charges on her farm.

The Saturday before Mother's Day, Crafty Girl and I went to the 61st Annual Tulip Festival right here in Albany, where we saw some of the 209,000 tulips the city had planted.

Meanwhile, Dear Husband retrieved Tall Son from college, since his freshman year was over already. Time. Flies.
He came home all scraggly looking because evidently there are no hairdressers where he goes to school. Not that I cared what he looked like!

He even brought chocolate.

The backyard is having a bloomfest.

This little earflap hat is going to a friend's little guy.

Since his dad is a pilot, I landed a wee little plane button on top of the hat. The pattern is from knitting pure & simple, #253 It is available at your local yarn shop.

Thes two blankets went to afghans for Afghans. The squares had been arriving during the last two weeks, from knitters from all over the country. I then sat and assembled them. Thank you so much to the Thursday Knit Night Knitters who helped me crochet around each block. (This first blanket still looks a little wobbly and unblocked, because it is.)

These were made and donated in memory of Peter, Kay Gardiner's husband.
In other news, I sent the book proposal out on Monday. It is now in the agent's hands for review. The wait is on.
I am also waiting for the result of a RAST screening. I'd been having breathing trouble and finally needed to figure out what I am allergic to. I have a strong suspicion that I've developed an allergy to peanuts, but I have never wanted to be wrong about something this badly. I hope there was something in those 9 vials of blood for the lab to go by...meanwhile, I carry an epipen and take antihistamines daily.
And I think that's all the news that's fit to print for now! More soon.


Vivian said...

The picture of you and the boy makes me cry. One day I couldn't wait for the kid to grow up, now I want him to slow down.

I hope you don't have any serious allergies. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was an info packed update. I love the plane on the hat. Cathy

AlisonH said...

Green and Black's chocolates. Cool. And what lovely, lovely pictures.

I'm also sitting here kicking myself because I'd promised a square and couldn't remember who I'd promised it to nor what size. I couldn't ask if I didn't know whom to ask!

Mare said...

Well! You've been so busy! I would be right there wanting to hold that little baby too! And i hope your allergies are better by now with this rain we have been getting. Mine are, a bit....