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Thursday, February 8, 2007

good folk

I'd like you to go and check out the blog I've added to my list. It's called Our Wee Farm. Melanie runs it and posts and photographs and raises the sheep and also dyes some yummy yarn, with her friend Allison. So often, you hear about Big Names and what they're doing every minute of the day, and how they're on their way to becoming famous. Or how they are famous already and are becoming famouser all the time. Which I can appreciate, but then there's your everyday Good Folk. These guys live according to a principle, and they follow through, and they dye yarn and one of them raises sheep and they have full time jobs besides to pay the bills.
I know these women personally, they were my customers when I had my shop and then they began dyeing yarn and I sold it. That's how that went. Simple. And everyone was having fun at nobody else's expense! What a concept.
Pretty soon, the three of us will embark on a new adventure: we will simply knit some Dale sweaters together. We don't care how long it'll take (though I'd like to be finished by the end of the year). But steeking is something that none of us has ever done, and we figure it's truly about time.
And when I finally get my new camera -- any day now! -- I'll actually get some pictures up here.
Till then, go say hello to Melanie and the sheep!


Kristine said...

Your link on the side doesn't like me -- are these the folks at http://harderthanitlooks.blogspot.com?

And Dale knitting...I still haven't knit another since the one I knit for Hanna. When I'm feeling brave-of-the-soul, I'll choose one for me, and make it up. But I think that's for next year.

melanie said...

What very nice things to say...I am really excited to get started on the Dale sweaters...(of course, how knows how excited I will be when we break out the scissors to steek...eek!)

Karin said...

Yes Kristine you got to the correct blog.

Joan said...

You sound so happy in your new life surrounded by your wonderful friends.

Karin said...

Thanks Joan!
And Kristine!! I had a bad link up there. Thanks to another reader telling me about it, too, I wised up and fixed the link.
Soo about all the confusion.