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Monday, January 29, 2007


I will not have a whole lot of FOs to show for January, and I was getting a little upset about it. Whaddya mean, I only made a preemie hat and a Red Scarf?? (Never mind all the other projects that I am in the middle of). But then something happened that just made my day.
All it took today was a picture of a wee little baby and something melted inside.
I had made a preemie hat in Dale Baby Ull a couple of weeks ago and sent it off to the anxious parents. Their little guy was born 8 weeks early just after Christmas, and they just got to take him home a week ago.
His doting aunt, my friend, sent me pictures of him today. (They are not mine to share, so I can't show you). But I have to tell you that there are about 15 pictures of the little guy wearing the hat I made him. That hat was tiny, and it fits him just right (for another 5 minutes or so). I chose a nice fresh shade of pale green, like a spring sprout. And guess what. The walls of his nursery are that exact color. So that means the parents like the color! And all I had to go by was my intuition...sometimes you just get lucky.

If all I ever made this year was this little hat, I'd be content. Because seeing it on the baby's head, and him being all healthy and cuddly and HOME with his parents is just the best news.


Anonymous said...


Above is the link to the green hat pictures of the aforementioned baby. The gallery of "Bigger Badder James" has the best hat selection.

An actual thank you is on its way at some point Karin. I've been busy -- and its just too darned entertaining watching him breathe. (Parents readers will understand, most non-parents feel free to think "WTF??")

Today he is sporting a red hat from his auntie.

Rebecca aka "the mom"

(the previous was typed entirely with one hand as the other cradled the baby.)

AlisonH said...

Wonderful! Congratulations to the parents and to you, too!

You know that 6'9" son of mine? I have a hat someone made for him when he was in the hospital. Normal 8 lbs 6 oz baby, normal size baby hat. But you put that in his hands now... It's a testament to all the times I remember and he doesn't of his infancy, and somehow the power of the mom just kind of blew him away the day I unearthed that thing and handed it to him. Very cool.