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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Crafty Girl beads me to it

The other day, I hear my Crafty Girl from her room: they don't say in the book that it takes a long time to do this!
This is what she was doing:
I have yet to bead some beads onto yarn, string, or anything else for that matter. 3 days after her 10th birthday, she beads me to it. She had received a kit of beaded spool knitting.

And promptly made herself a little bracelet. Just by reading and following the instructions. Half an hour later, she had this:

She also does this:

Adding color to my world, all the time.
I love my Crafty Girl.


AlisonH said...

Oh, cool! Good for her!

Okay, so I got carried away and bought real pearl beads to string my daughters pearl necklaces, but I have no idea what I should string them on. Dental floss? Got some teeny tiny coral beads too. Maybe I should ask your daughter, she's far more the expert than I.

Karin said...

Alison, I would ask a good bead shop what to use. Sadly, I have no idea!

Jody said...

Alison, Having been a beader in a former life, I can tell you the best fiber to use for stringing pearls is silk. Check out the beading dept. of a craft store or ask a jeweler if you can buy enough for your project. And Karin, it looks like your daughter caught the crafty gene from her mom. She's doing a great job! Beautiful work!!! Jody

hello pretty city said...

so smooth and elegant...perfect simplicity.

AlisonH said...

Thank you, Jody!