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Monday, March 12, 2007

freaking out, a little

Today was going to be the post with some finished stuff.
But I am sitting here freaking out, a little.

I just came across this website: www.knitting-and.com

Very very close to the name of my blog.

Why on earth has nobody alerted me to the fact that that well established website exists? Blogger told me that the name I picked was available, so I went for it. I seriously did not know that website was there. I seriously do not want to step on anybody's toes.

Do I change the name of my blog? How?

Quick, tell me what to do!!


Dawn Brocco said...

Hi Karin,
I can never remember the names of everyone's sites or blogs, especially as there's so many now!

I see that the other site is Sarah Bradbury's - she's been on the email lists a long time. I'd just email her and see what she suggests. I'm sure it will work out.

Karin said...

thank you ever so much. Of course I "know" Sarah Bradbury!! I will contact her and see what she says.

AlisonH said...

I thought it sounded awfully familiar...

melanie said...

I checked the site, and frankly there's enough of a difference that I wouldn't be confused...

Don't change - yours is WAY cool..IMHO