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Monday, March 19, 2007

knitter, interrupted

So yesterday, about 15 seconds after I posted about the hats, I went into the basement where my stash also lives, to get more yarn, for more hats, you know? Water on the floor. Water heater busted. (The stash was safe.)
After a lot of yelling and running around and taking a very cold shower, some phone calls, lunch, phone calls, and more phone calls, we turned everything off, gas, water, heat, and went to our son's concert. He plays the violin with the Empire State Youth Orchestra. Of course I packed a ball of yarn and the needles, cast on while we waited for the concert to start, and I got done with the cuff of the next hat.
I finished that one last night, and that's all I got done. Somehow my streak feels like it's over....in limbo, waiting for the Water Heater Guy to come over right now....but I must make more hats. Must.
After all, they are needed by people who don't even have a water heater to complain about.

Did I tell you that I am doing this because Stephanie Pearl-McPhee inspired me to? What I am pledging to do is:

After I am done with the dozen hats for NYC, I will make two hats for every stop on her book tour.

I figured, I'll be an armchair travel companion, and make a hat on each flight and one at each appearance. It takes me about an hour to make a hat, so this is totally doable.

I am waiting to hear if more hats will be needed in NYC, if the yarn shops there will still accept them, or else I will donate them to the Dulaan Project.

( I also donate to local shelters and homes all year round, in case you are wondering why I am not giving the hats here.)

So....who's in?

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melanie said...

Oh, Karin! I had no idea you had THAT kind of day on Sunday! I am duly impressed that you can handle all that, attend the concert, and still get the hats done - damn.

Thanks for the compliment on the sweater - it was a pattern by Kristin Nicholas from Fall'06 Interweave. I used Tahki Kerry, and wasn't overly impressed when I started, but now that I've worn and washed it a few times - I love the halo of the yarn, and I'm tempted to do another sweater with it.

I'll have to do a hat with the leftover - can't match 12....so I'll have to sneak mine in a box with yours...