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Monday, April 2, 2007

Estonian Socks, part 3/Folk Socks

Before I get into other things I want to write about, here's the last installment of the report on the Nancy Bush weekened.
On Sunday, we delved more into Folk Socks which included different heels to knit; and a huge show and tell of the original Folk Socks from the book that started it all!

The Round Heel I was familiar with. I use it for almost all of my socks. Here, I used a variation on that heel called the Half Handkerchief Heel or Flat Iron Heel.

This next one was a first, but I really like it a lot, as it serves as a knee cap cover on it's own, or a water bottle bottom cozy. :)
I present: The Band Heel.

I will definitely try that one again in the future. There is no gusset after you pick up the stitches from the heel flap, because decreases are worked before the heel turn! This has the huge advantage of not disturbing any stitch patterns such as fair isle, as your stitch count is exactly the same after the heel turn as it was at the top of the sock.

And here's the show and tell of the folk socks. (There had been show and tell of Estonian Lace shawls the night before, but I had to be discrete and not take any pictures. Well, basically we got to see all of Nancy's work as it is shown in her four books. I will forever be in awe.)

Thank you, Nancy!


AlisonH said...

Wow, what a collection of gorgeous socks!

Fredda said...

Thanks for sharing, Karin. They are incredibly beautiful!

Also, (I'm just getting caught up) I'm so glad all is well with your dad.