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Sunday, April 8, 2007

quick hello

Just a quick hello today, on Easter. I have a house full of my husband's relatives.

There was snow on the ground this morning, which is more snow than what we had on Christmas...

This is part of a runner I put on the table today. It is one of the few pieces I inherited from my maternal grandmother, who was a prolific handcrafter.
She embroidered numerous tablecloths, and I love this happy bunny one.

The base is actually linen dishtowels, onto which she ironed on the designs, and then embroidered.
I'll write more about her another time.


AlisonH said...

That bunny reminds me of, when I was a kid, adjusting the "rabbit ears" on the TV set to get a better signal. Ah, childhood.

How cool that you have that from your grandmother.

Jody said...

How lovely that you have something your grandmother made by hand. My mother has bed linens with beautiful embroidery which were made by my great-grandmother who was a weaver back in Italy. For years my mom thought Great-grandma made the pretty flowered edge until one day my grandmother corrected her and made it clear that Great-grandma actually WOVE the sheets first and then embroidered them!
I'm having a wonderful time with my new grandson and can't wait to tell you all about him when I get back. Oh, I can hear the groans already. LOL!