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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

at least some socks!

Reason I've been quiet is that I have been knitting.

I am always starting things, always in the middle of several projects, and always finishing something. I have never been able to stick with just one project. I get really excited in the starting phase, and then when the project is well on its way, I put it down. There dear, you can stand on your own two feet now and finish yourself. I have a new little fledgling project to attend to, and you don't need me anymore. Of course when I go back to check on it, or I happen upon it, there it still is, unfinished...

However, this week and last I have been busy trying to make/finish a cardigan which I want to take to this weekend's Massachusetts Sheep and Woolfest in Cummington. I had bought that merino wool a couple years back at the NY sheep and wool and I want to show the lady who produces such gorgeous yarn what became of her product! The weather will be much too warm, I hope, to actually wear the sweater, but it's a good incentive nonetheless.

Also I am trying to finish another pair of socks, and a little girl's sweater for donation, and working on a design for submission.

So to tide you over, here are some socks I finished. They are Opal Petticoat.

I gave them to a good friend of mine for Mother's Day.

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Elise said...

I, too, get a bad case of startitis. I start a project, work for a bit, then the rush wears off and must be fueled by a new project. I have been much better, though, at going back to the older project and working it through. It helps to write down where I have left off because too often I forget and then have to rip out huge chunks of work. Gah. Am a I just a process knitter and knit for the experience? Ah, too philosophical in this great weather.