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Monday, May 28, 2007


This was Memorial Day weekend, I know. But also it was Pentecost where I grew up; the peony is called Pfingstrose in German, pentecost rose.
Because they bloom right around that time. How do they know to do that?
Here are some that from my yard that made just in time before yesterday's storms. Their petals are all gone today.

Today we were with friends and I managed to finish my merino wool sweater. It's not blocked yet, and I forgot to bring the buttons so it is buttonless so far. But guess what - I have been wearing it for hours and never want to take it off again.
The flower pictures are intended to tide you over.
I have a lot to do tomorrow; on Wednesday I am going to Northampton to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee speak; and on Thursday, tall son and I are going to see Itzak Perlman play.
So I am going to just ask you to talk amongst yourselves for a few days and go back to your regularly scheduled knitting. MAYBE I'll get to take pictures of The Loot from Saturday and finish posting about that.
We thank you for your patience in this matter.


AmyS said...

Ooh, what a lovely time you'll have! Enjoy both of those special events. I haven't heard either of those talented people speaking/performing in person, but I did meet Itzak Perlman coming out of an elevator in a hotel in Tel Aviv once. Can't wait to hear/read about your adventures!

Jody said...

Oh Karin, those flowers are beautiful! And I hope you and your son enjoy Itzak! He's amazing! Ron and I saw him many moons ago and he is a magician with the violin. He'll make you cry with his music. Have a great time and I'll see you at "Chicks".