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Saturday, July 28, 2007

as promised

Here are the sock yarns I got to dye last Sunday. YOU, esteemed reader, can order these yarns right here: Dyenamics Yarn. Dyed by Allison and Melanie, who were my faithful customers when I had my yarn shop.

This first one is the signature colorway for the 52 pair plunge KAL. As you can tell, I have not yet reskeined it, and the colors are in their full glory, albeit separate. Once I've reskeined it, the color distribution should fall such that I will get really neat stripes on my socks. If you look at the Dyemanics yarn website under "new yarns", you will see it re-skeined and you can tell the color distribution better.

Here's a little Black Eyed Susan that snuck in, from my yard.

This next hank is the sportweight version of Allison and Melanie's Dyenamics yarn. This is the one you see me pondering on Melanie's blog. I ended up dipping into dark chocolate (dye!) and deep turquoise. Allison is predicting stripes of a width of one round!

I cannot wait to get my current project, which is due a week from Monday, off the needles, so I can start these socks.
Meanwhile, my email accounts are dying a slow death and I am feeling terribly disconnected....I can still send emails out, but nothing is coming in. Instead, all emails I received on the last day the email was fully functioning, keep loading over and over again and I am unable to delete them. Yes I am desperate. Any geeks out there who have heard of this and know of a remedy? DH wants to try a few things with it, we'll see. Other than that, if anyone wants to get in touch with me, leave me a comment, or call me!
I also got to thinking....after I got all worried about how I will get in touch with people, how I feel so disconnected, and how it's such a terrible tragedy that I can't freaking email anyone, and how I am cut off from my lists, etc., incidentally, my mother brought my attention to these situations; we were talking on the phone today and she told me that the weather has never been this severe in all her lifetime.
England: here and here
Greece -- also here.
Then I found this: Asia
And in more news: how to put your personal tragedy in perspective.
My tragedy is such a small one. A knitter's and blogger's tragedy. Minuscule. And it can be fixed.
You know what? I am so so glad that there are people like Allison and Melanie. They're the kind of people who make the world a better place simply by being who they are. Thanks, girls! :)


Anna said...

I'll post a comment here, since, clearly, it will do me no good to send you an email :). Call Road Runner and they should be able to sort out the problem. There may be a virus somewhere that is causing the problem. RR is usually pretty good about sorting things out.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear Karin, I just read your comment about my boy on the Harlot's blog. I'm very touched by your concern and thought I'd let you know that he called yesterday and asked to be taken home. We went to get him at a friend's house. He's ok but it not speaking about "the incident". I just read in on of his emails to a friend that his wallet was stolen, that he owes money and lost his glasses, but he hasn't told us these things officially. I'll wait. He seems to have understood that it would be pretty dumb to not finish school and that working at the minimum wage won't get him into a decent apartment. For the moment I'm just glad he had the courage to call us and ask to come home but I know that this is not the end of the problem. You're right, he's depressed but he refuses any help, from anybody. I guess I have to be patient.
Anyways, just wanted to really, really thank you for your kind thoughts! It meant so much to me! Christine (not too far, outside of Montreal)

Karin said...

Dear Christine,
I cannot find an email for you so I hope you will come back in here and read this message.
I am SO GLAD your son came back. I'll keep you in my thoughts, hoping that things will get better from here on out.
Please consider going to a therapist yourself to help get the ball rolling, and to enlist a pro in supporting you.
Big hugs!

Jody said...

I love your colors! I can't wait to see them knitted up in your socks. Will the yarn show off to it's best advantage with a plain stockinette stitch or can you use a lacy pattern?

Vivian said...

The yarn is beautiful! I love the bright colors, seem to work much better this way on screen than after reskeined. I love your flower pictures. Keep them coming :-)