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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

catching up

There will most likely be a pile of unrelated-to-each-other posts here today and tomorrow. Though it's been quiet on this blog, there's been lots going on.
For example, we went to the Scottish Games on Saturday, Sept.1st.
We saw lots of this:

While I enjoyed the music tremendously, I was mysteriously drawn to everyone's kilt hose. Tartans are one thing, but to see such a great variety of calves clad in cables blew me away.

Of course these guys accused me of trying to get under their kilts, but after I assured them that I was only interested in the knitting pattern, they told me that one woman made all of the band's 42 members' socks. She came and measured their legs and feet, and custom made their kilt hose.
At $ 400 a pair.
I need to find me a Scottish band somewhere.

This guy very proudly showed me the stockings his wife knitted for him. I should have taken notes. Because he knew the name of the yarn, fiber content, needle size, name of pattern, and name of edging.

I don't believe there ever was a prouder wearer of a wife's knitterly efforts.


AmyS said...

Wow, how cool is that?! Great photos, too. Gee, $400 a pair? Now that sounds worthwhile!

Jody said...

Now there's one lucky woman! To have married a man who loves her knitting enough to remember all the statistics of the fiber and process of knitting. WOW! Hey Karin, if you need anyone to help with those kilt hose...you know my number. LOL!

Vivian said...

So did this man's wife knit all 42 pairs of socks? Wonder how much time it took her. $400 is a lot for a pair of socks, but not so much if it's divided up by the hours plus yarn. Great work!

AlisonH said...

VERY cool! And you gave him a chance to show off to someone who would appreciate it and let him brag about his wife in the deal. I bet it totally made his day.

melanie said...

Hi Karin! I knit a pair of kilt hose for my Dad (pattern from Folk Socks) who is a (now semi-retired) Drum major in a pipe band. $400 is about right...kind of why I haven't gotten around to making myself a pair!