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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day One

I just have to tell you about this one.

I finally submitted a design to http://www.knitty.com/.

I know you all know what knitty is and that it's their 5th anniversary and all that. It's a huge deal.

I consider it a small personal victory that I actually made a deadline this time.

Ever since I closed my yarnshop one year ago (can't believe how time flies...), I have wanted to submit to knitty. Three deadlines have passed and I couldn't get the project off the ground, but this time I really did it. Mind you this is not the same project I've attempted to submit. It's been a different one every time, according to the season.

So at the end of August, I was struck with yet another one of my brilliant ideas and was hellbent on actually making the deadline this time.

For one week, from Sept. 8 through Sept. 15th, which was the day I had to send everything off, I was writing and charting and knitting like a madwoman. Saturday afternoon, we grabbed Crafty Girl and her friend, headed off to a nature preserve nearby, and had ourselves a photoshoot. By 7 pm that night I had put my little email package together: pattern written according to guidelines, check. Chart, triple checked, check. 6 pictures adding up to less than 1 MB, check.

I said a little prayer before I hit the send button. Off it went. Yes my heart was beating hard.

Over I go to my other mailbox, and what do I find but a friendly note from Amy Singer to the knitty contributors list, saying that she had to go and buy extra storage for her overflowing mailbox because of the sheer number of submissions. And that I shouldn't worry if the submission was bouncing back to me, and to just resend it, and that I had until September 17th.

I ran back to my other mailbox and already had an autoresponse assuring me that everything had arrived safely.

Today is the 18th, and I haven't received a rejection email yet.

Every day that it takes for her to get back to me, is a GOOD sign, (just go read the submissioin guidelines!), as it means I have not been rejected outright but am in the queue for consideration.

So now I'm counting the days. Today is Day One of not getting rejected by knitty.

Someone come hold my hands?

Oh, and I am NOT supposed to blog about the design at all. Which I haven't done, right? But I can tell you that it's a pair of socks.


Kristine said...

Officially hand holding! You're gonna do great!


Laura said...

Oh, I'm hand holding too...and keeping everything comfy crossed! I can't wait to see it!

melanie said...

Oooh! I have my fingers crossed for you! If I hold your hand, it's bound to get "dirty" as I'm dyeing up a storm these days. Check out my blog...I can send you some stuff so you can try your own. That'll at least keep you from fixating on your e-mail...

Kate said...

Me, too! I mean, with the first time submitting. And not being rejected yet. Oy, this is nervewracking.... :)

AmyS said...

Ooh, Karin! Good luck! I would love to knit one of your designs. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin, Add me to the list of hand holders! It is very exciting.

Michele said...

Oh. Add me too. This is so exciting. It's my favorite online mag and it would be so cool to know someone who has a design published in it.