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Thursday, September 6, 2007

new job

Tall son's trip to Europe with the Empire State Youth Orchestra in April 2008: $ 3,000.-

Crafty Girl's new braces: $4,000.-

Mom's new job: priceless.

Yes, it's true. Almost one year after I closed my yarn shop, I am officially employed again.

I joined the Honest Weight Food co-op here in Albany last December. It felt good to be out in the community. Then they had a rare job opening, and they hired me for two days a week. Every Wednesday and Thursday I help make vegetarian fare. It is probably the most benign work one can be doing. Being part of a long-standing co-operative venture is interesting to say the least. So far I love it. This job helps pay the bills at home and yet it leaves me enough time for design work, knitting, spinning, and dyeing.

It is very refreshing to be going to work and most everyone I meet is full of good will and a can-do attitude. There is a full fledged recycling program in place, the 100 mile diet is being promoted and local producers are preferred. You can discuss ways to reduce carbon emissions and nobody looks at you like you have two heads.

I will miss being able to go to some poetry readings because of work. The knitting group that meets every first Thursday of the month at Tea and Tattered Pages in Glenmont might have to do without me this month. :( But I am there in spirit with you!! I get out of work just as you get started, and next month I hope to be able to join you, albeit a little late.

Knit on everyone, knit on!


Elise said...


congrats on your new gig...love Honest Weight and try to shop there as much as I can. Will definitely have to make a run on Wed. and Thursdays if only to say hello.

AlisonH said...

Congratulations--that sounds like a dream job.