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Saturday, September 1, 2007


Last Monday, we went to the Grafton Peace Pagoda on the way to the Clark Museum in Williamstown, Mass.
It was a gorgeous day.
Very peaceful, with no rushing to get somewhere. We spent some time in the Buddhist temple (no photo), and also walked around this stupa.

There is a pond nearby.

The place was supremely peaceful, we could only hear the birds sing and some crickets. Frogs splashing in the pond.

And it occured to me that we all should really make sure that we incorporate some peaceful moments into our lives.

Even as I am trying to draw your attention to a major struggle that is happening to save the planet from overheating further,




I would like you to remember, as hard as it is, that it is important to make room for peace in your life; to balance the struggle, and to be able to go on.

So I didn't want to wait for Christmas :) to wish you "Peace".

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


Joan said...

Thank you Karin for expressing peace in our lives. It is my number one priority lately and yes it is important.

Jody said...

That's one of the great things about knitting....it brings peace to my heart when I meditate on the stitches and peace to my heart when I give my gift away.

Karin said...

Thank you Jody and Joan for commenting--
yes I was thinking that knitting can be a most peaceful activity. But it is not inherently peaceful...how often have I rushed to finish a project, and driven my family crazy in the process?
The operative words are "meditate on the stitches".

Anonymous said...

Once again Karin, your pictures outdo themselves! Another one of your callings in life - photography! Can't wait 'til Rhinebeck. My deck is still open for spinning! Sharon