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Monday, October 1, 2007

Creme Puff Jacket

Here are the pictures now of the jacket I designed and knitted this past week.
There is something going on with my camera--thank goodness I am meeting with my friend Laura tomorrow, who has a degree in photography. She'll be able to check it out.

The buttons are not the real ones that will be attached. These are still a work in progress, made by Pat Bull, one of the owners of Decadent Fibers, and needle felter and dyer extraordinaire. (And she didn't even pay me to say all that!). But when I arrived with the jacket today, we pinned them on to make believe.

Pattern and yarn -- called Creme Puff -- will be available at Stitches East and at the New York State sheep and wool fest, as well as online.
And we thank you for your support!


Leslie said...

Cute sweater! And I love the name :)

Vivian said...

The jacket looks gorgeous! It reminds me of a German designer Anette Schneider who sold quite a few sweaters she designed through boutique shops. I knitted for her on commission when I was working for a yarn shop. The sweaters were knitted in Colinette Point Five on size 15 or 17 needles, most were pull overs but a few cardigans. She always tucked in at the waistline.