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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

people at Rhinebeck

Look what gorgeous weather we had!
If you hold a woolfest, they will come...rumor had it, 12,000 on Saturday alone.

Mr and Mrs Philosopher's Wool gladly posing for the camera.

Customers at the Hope Spinnery:

Glad I remembered I had these pictures.


Anonymous said...

I'm already missing the festival! The link to Philosopher's Wool is fun - they have a wonderful video for 2-color knitting. I'm kicking myself for not purchasing one of their kits!

I'm knitting with your beautiful hand-dyed yarn. LOVE IT! Tonight is spinning night!

Take Care - Sharon F.

AmyS said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and experiences at Rhinebeck. How I would love to go, one day!

AlisonH said...

Thank you for the photos! I wish I could have gone. So close.

Elise said...

did you see the link at january one to sliver moon? They may have hit the big time!


Vivian said...

I met Mr. and Mrs. Philosopher's Wool couple of years ago at Stitches West and had them sign their book for me. They are wonderful, kind, incredibly intelligent people.

I tagged you for 7 facts about yourself. Come see it on my blog